Whether it's producing original music, remixing, editing or collaborating with artists, Jesus' passion for music is a reflection of his creativity and musical versatility.

Below are some of his latest music projects:



Kill the thirst mix series

Jesus created his "Kill the thirst" mix series as a means to continue releasing quality mixes for his followers & Fan base after the release of his highly praised mix "The Unthinkable mixtape".

THe Kill the Thirst Mix Series is a fun combination of music that will take you on a complete musical journey to satisfy every creative need.



Video projects

From coming up with scripts, collaborating, filming, or working behind the scenes in editing, jesus is experienced and has a great eye when it comes to developing videos.

jesus has had experience working on the development of music videos, promotional videos recap event videos, and many more.

Below are some projects he's collaborated on or been apart of: